Our Commercial Kitchen is a shared-use facility which allows producers of specialty and/or gourmet food items, caterers, bakers, cooking teachers, street vendors, private chefs, fundraisers, community groups, occasional users and private citizens an opportunity to prepare their food products in a fully licensed and certified kitchen.

The Kitchen is a licensed commercial kitchen available to any community member or organization interested in starting up or working in a specialty food business. This provides start-up food businesses the opportunity to explore food production without the high cost of buying their own equipment or constructing their own building. In addition, the small business incubator will offer technical assistance in food production as well as general business management skills, networking opportunities among entrepreneurs, and the opportunity to form shared service cooperatives for marketing, distribution, and supply purchasing.


The story of our shared-use Commercial Kitchen ("Kitchen") will be told through the citizens and community groups who ultimately utilize it. The Kitchen will supplement the vision of the Owner as the network hub for business in Wailuku by being available for a wide variety of uses including catering for those who use the Kitchen as supplemental income, to those cooking for a family event, for non-profit or community organizations in need of additional funds, or a teaching tool for those wishing to learn a new trade or making a career move.

In order to accomplish the wide variety of needs of Kitchen users, the Kitchen has policies and procedures which users must adhere to, but management must also be flexible in accommodating the unique needs of each category of Kitchen users.

At present, the Center Staff manages the Kitchen and ensures that all users realize the full potential of the Kitchen.


Unlike existing privately licensed commercial kitchens on Maui, the Kitchen described is open to all Maui residents and can be used at various times as:

CALL Pono Center Staff at:
808-442-3028 or
fax: 808-442-3029

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